It’s human nature to get distracted at work, but over time, hours wasted on trivial things lead to a loss of productivity. How can office furniture help keep employees focused?

Business Insider recently posted an infographic from the app Weekdone that listed some of the major problems that send workers off-task. Here are a few of the most common problems, and some ways that the layout of the furniture in your office makes a difference:

  • Meetings: Sometimes meetings are a necessary part of work, but according to the source, a quarter of survey respondents said that they waste time. To make these gatherings less disruptive, office managers can pick long meeting desks that are easy to access and make sure that there are enough comfortable chairs to accommodate everyone involved. If everyone takes less time to get comfortable, the meeting can be more productive.
  • Interruptions from bosses: Similarly, the boss should be able to visit employees, but not in a way that drains their time. A closed-in workstation helps create a more personal atmosphere for conversations with higher-ups, and also lets the worker concentrate when by themselves.
  • Proper lighting: Another Business Insider article commented on the offices of Eventbrite, a company that uses an abundance of natural light. Employees there have a great view of San Francisco—but they also have to wear sunglasses sometimes to avoid the glare. Workstations and desk surfaces that are less reflective make a better addition to such offices, so workers get enough light without needing shades.
    With a little planning and the right quality office furniture, managers will be amazed at how many distraction-related problems they can address.