Across the United States, more residents and business owners are installing solar panels to become more efficient, but implementations in California have reached historic highs.

When initiatives to install these panels began ages ago, it took Golden State residents 30 years to reach 1,000 megawatt capabilities. Last year’s installation plans smashed records, with residents installing another 1,000 megawatts worth of solar energy — enough power to replace four or five coal plants, Bloomberg reported.

“If California continues to grow its rooftop solar market at its 2013 pace, the state may very well top 5,000 MW in 2014 – far exceeding the goals of the Million Solar Roofs Initiative, which aimed to install 3,000 MW of rooftop solar by the end of 2016,” Solar Industry Magazine Bernadette Del Chiaro wrote.

Before, the use of solar panels was perceived to be for the wealthier classes, but that is no longer appears to be the case. Last year, about 79 percent of Americans who installed solar panels on their business or home had a household income of $40,000-$89,999.

This is good news for the state, which continues to increase green recycling measures through plastic bag bans, environmentally conscious efforts with nearby communities, and repurposing potable water. These efforts will continue to improve air quality and reduce waste, but there is an easier way to make an eco-friendly impact without paying thousands of dollars for solar panels and water filtration plants.

Business owners who want to proudly express their switch to be more green can benefit from remanufactured business furniture. These lightly used commercial pieces are intended for long-term use, saving startups thousands of dollars on expensive work stations and chairs, while reducing the circulation of raw materials and harmful plastics.