Businesses in California can take comfort knowing that the state government wants to improve energy use over the next several years. The California Air Resources Board described six "pillars" of an energy efficiency plan that could stretch onward to 2030.

According to the Board, these include carbon sequestration, doubling energy efficiency savings in existing buildings and devoting half of the state's power structure to renewable electricity.

These follow plans from California Gov. Jerry Brown that have existed since his inauguration. One fact sheet from last year found that the state will only be able to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by making a series of changes, such as promoting building efficiency and developing lower-carbon fuel sources. There are also several decades of California building and appliance efficiency standards for businesses to draw from as they make the most of their location.

Keeping up with the latest changes to environmental legislation will give California businesses more of a chance to review new challenges and update their own policies. A recent Environmental Leader article stated that the California Air Resources Board was originally authorized to push for lower greenhouse gas emissions in 2006, matching the emissions levels of 1990. 

Brown addressed the 2030 date in Executive Order B-30-15 from last April. According to the source, this order also set a precedent, leading to "another wave of regulatory and planning efforts."

Both accelerated deployment and new efforts, as well as savings under development, are projected to rise over the next 15 years, as the state makes a continued commitment to cleaner energy use.

Finding quality office furniture that meets green standards will leave California businesses with pieces that fit the overall government's plans for better resource use.