Working with office furniture liquidators in Northern CA could help your company reduce its carbon footprint and energy spend. An article in Bloomberg Businessweek recently quoted Michael Picker of the California Public Utilities Commission, who said that it would be possible for the state to eventually harvest 100 percent of its energy from renewable sources, seeing as it achieved levels of 40 percent last year.

Picker made these remarks at the Bloomberg New Energy Finance summit, where he spoke in about the state’s approach to energy and the way it sells excess energy to other states. He also called a 50 percent renewable level “not really a challenge.”

“We’re generating cash from selling off excess,” Picker said. “On at least two occasions last year, for extended periods of the day, we actually met 40 percent of the state’s electrical needs through renewables.” The source noted that this follows Governor Jerry Brown’s pledge earlier this year to, among other things, increase renewable use to 50 percent by 2030 and make existing buildings doubly efficient.

Office furniture liquidation services allow companies to support green practices in the California community by contributing to materials reuse. Professionally liquidating chairs, desks and other office items helps preserve important furniture elements that can be modified to fit the next customer’s demands.

This work can be as affordable and fast as other means of furniture disposal. After the furniture is taken care of, we track it and provide companies with documentation regarding where the furniture ended up so our clients have proof.

Using green office solutions, California businesses can take part in the wider push toward better energy efficiency and ensure that they are contributing to a better community, as well as solving their immediate furniture surplus problems.