According to an article from the United States Green Building Council, multiple initiatives in California have contributed to the path toward renewable energy in this state. The source lists various pieces of legislation and plans for the future that would all impact environmental stability, including better use of water and energy as well as a reduction of pollution.

One of the measures mentioned is Senate Bill 350 would dictate that half of retail electricity is derived from renewable sources over the next 15 years. This legislation, the Clean Energy and Pollution Reduction Act of 2015, acknowledges that the state currently sources 33 percent renewable energy.

The source also referenced the “Blueprint For Environmental Literacy” published by the Environmental Literacy Task Force, a document noting California’s growth in green employment. The report further describes the importance of encouraging better environmental knowledge to support best practices.

“California is heralded as a center for innovation and forward thinking. Our education system should reflect a commitment to educating a future public that can uphold, protect, and further these legacies,” the Blueprint reads. “The time is now, and the moment is right to build an inclusive and comprehensive system to support environmental literacy for all of California’s diverse students.”

Creating access to more green office solutions may help companies and other institutions in California improve their environmental standing and keep up with the other changes appearing at the same time. Reusing local materials is both helpful to businesses with surplus on their hands and a useful way to supporting the green economy as a whole.