California businesses that want to take strides towards LEED approval and compliance have more resources at their disposal with the announcement of a new documentation process alternative. Late last month, the United States Green Building Council {USGBC} announced the new documentation path, which works in accordance with CALGreen, the standards code for green buildings unique to the Golden State.

By working together, the USGBC and CALGreen hope to accomplish similar goals and promote both standards within the state. Provided that they meet specific criteria, building projects can fulfill LEED and CALGreen requirements and take a more streamlined approach to reducing project documentation. These criteria include having received a permit within the last 18 months and adhering to the 2013 California Code of Regulations, Title 24, Part 11.

In a press release, USGBC Technical Policy director Jeremy Sigmon described the way projects will improve overall from the new association between these standards.

“Leveraging California’s code infrastructure and the obligations of licensed professionals to adhere to the laws of the land, these new streamlined documentation options offer cost savings to project teams while maintaining the quality and rigor of LEED,” he said. “In turn, projects already designing and building to the CALGreen code will find LEED and its many benefits more readily within reach.”

As part of this measure, participating organizations and projects can use green office solutions and capitalize on the availability of high-quality local materials. Professionals with experience customizing furniture orders will give companies the expertise needed to reach necessary LEED credits. This news shows that LEED does not necessarily exclude other standards that could be useful to Californians, either.