The University of California, Riverside, announced on April 23 that it has achieved LEED Gold Certification for an on-campus housing project, as an article from UCR Today notes. The first phase of the housing area, Glen Mor, reached Gold certification this past December and started accepting residents seven years prior to that, but the newer building contains multiple environmentally-friendly features, including furniture manufactured domestically from sustainable wood.

The name “Glen Mor” already carries with it a sense of nature, as it comes from a Scottish valley. This housing unit features a rock landscape and an environmentally-sensitive irrigation system. All of the appliances included are ENERGY STAR-rated, and the building derives its water and space heating power from solar panels.

College Housing, Dining, and Residential Services Assistant Vice Chancellor Andy Plumley expressed the administration’s pride at reaching this level of qualification.

“Obtaining LEED Gold certification along with being the largest LEED Gold Group Property is quite a milestone for UCR,” he told the source. His department is also considering a sustainability program that includes obtaining LEED Gold “on all new building projects.”

Construction efforts intended for LEED status receive special reinforcement when overseers work with environmental office solutions. Because furniture reuse makes up a part of the most recent LEED guidelines for Interior and Construction, buyers need pieces that are guaranteed to meet those requirements.

To learn more about how furniture reuse contributes to LEED and how many credits it will count for, visit our Carbon Footprint page. We are glad to help different types of businesses turn to a local source for reusable pieces. Finding furniture that qualifies for this is more difficult than simply picking up pre-used pieces: everything has to be made under real principles of reuse, with the most durable sections kept.