By giving to important local organizations, we at Quality Office Liquidations take it upon ourselves to help improve our community directly. While we are proud to be the leading office furniture liquidators in Northern CA, the state as a whole offers multiple opportunities for organizations that want to focus on giving back through official philanthropy programs.

Inside Philanthropy recently reported on a growth in philanthropic initiatives in the south of the state, with funders growing more unified over important social issues like foster care, education and assisting veterans.

Closer to home, the same source identified examples of Bay Area funding with a green focus. The Lisa and Douglas Goldman Fund, which follows in the wake of well-known philanthropists Rhoda and Richard Goldman, has funded regional initiatives to lower carbon emissions by improving public transit. They have donated $60,000 to this cause.

Another organization that encourages leadership and development is Northern California Grantmakers (NCG), which addresses issues within the state on a large scale by uniting members for specially developed programs that look to allay problem areas. Last April, the NCG posted a brief from the Health & Environmental Funders Network to highlight the relationships between “health and the environment” and promote better education.

With all of these other groups addressing problems within the state through active, donation-based strategies, California is set to be a significant area for philanthropy, and specifically for green and envrionmentally-friendly measures.

QOL adds to this donation-friendly environment by contributing to a variety of organizations, including schools, shelters and charities. This shows that our belief in having a beneficial impact on the world around us goes beyond green office solutions, and adds up to a greater overall strategy for helping others inside and outside of our client base.