Your business doesn’t have to choose between being green and being productive if you make the right layout and design decisions early on. Quality office furniture can contribute to the comfort level of your office, keep employees on task and also work as a recycling initiative.

Tackling all of these goals at the same time is challenging, and Chicago-based real estate company JLL recently outlined some of the difficulties in a press release. The company used a special score to calculate “green” levels based on energy efficiency in the workplace.

As JLL’s Operations Manager of Energy and Sustainability Services, Simone Skopek, argues, some of the things that companies do in the name of energy efficiency can actually distract from better performance when put into practice.
“Shrinking your office space can reduce heating and cooling costs — but lead to over-crowding or excessive noise,” Skopek said. “As beneficial as energy savings can be, green investments create exponentially greater value when they also improve employee wellness and productivity. What works is a holistic approach that tracks metrics for both sustainability and productivity.”

Green office solutions are available that are boons to both your bottom line and your impact on the environment. Recycling older used office furniture can reduce waste and costs while allowing you to lay out your office for the best possible effect. Contact Quality Office Liquidations for high-quality used workstations and seating for your eco-friendly office.

An article in SF Gate recently explored several ways to increase workplace productivity, and these can be applied to the furniture that you place in your office. These include allowing space for employees to take breaks, creating boundaries between workers and giving them a clean, spacious surface for their computer desktop, files, and notes. This source affirms that the right design can put you on the right track for improving the environment and gaining productivity at your company.