Bikes are becoming popular in metropolitan areas, as evidenced by additional bike lanes in major cities and bike-sharing programs, but could biking also serve as an environmental office solution?

It may require more elbow grease than solar or wind energy, but Steve Blood and Andy Wekin of upstate New York designed a desk that allows such an opportunity, Atlantic Cities reported. This $2,000 work station can further reduce greenhouse gases and help cities like San Francisco maintain their reputation as one of the most environmentally friendly cities in the United States.

Known as the “Big Rig,” this bicycle-desk hybrid can be used to mill grains, split fire logs or sharpen knives, Cities contributor John Metcalfe explains. Those who are interested in the energy generator kit will need to pay another $400 for two USB ports, two 110-volt outlets and a car-lighter socket. Because each bike-workstation is custom made, it can take designers Blood and Wekin up to four months to build it.

According to the Big Rig’s Kickstarter page, any work area with a “Big Rig” has “an efficiency of 97 percent.” This innovation can also help those who cannot find time to exercise to put the “pedal to the metal” and work their legs.

“Using your own power than plugging into the grid is not only fun, but helps you understand your energy use and reduce your ecological footprint,” Blood and Wekin’s Kickstarter campaign added.

Despite the benefits of this type of business furniture, it comes at a price. For $2,400 per workstation, it can set aspiring business owners back a pretty penny. On top of the fact that it takes four months to build and startups in the Bay Area typically don’t have that type of time for setting up their office.

However, there is another way business owners can reduce overall waste and promote an environmentally conscious office. Instead of purchasing brand new workstations, consider utilizing used, quality office furniture. Every item is carefully selected for daily use in any work setting.Click edit button to change this text.