Moving to a new office can force businesses to leave lots of furniture behind. This could lead to a prime opportunity for waste, even if the company is trying hard to stay environmentally friendly. What’s the use in looking for a green office if you end up creating a mess on your way out? For a true impact on their carbon footprint, businesses need to think about the process from the beginning and not simply consign their furniture to the landfill.

Carbon49 recently looked at this issue by referencing an office renovation from 2013. According to this source, Chevron managed to avoid creating 537 tons of waste while renovating its Calgary office, including both equipment and furniture. With this and other models to go on, businesses should remember the commitment it takes to avoid the landfill and keep things green.

Working with office furniture liquidators is a beneficial alternative to excess waste. The Environmental Protection Agency classifies furniture under “durable goods,” as opposed to nondurable materials like paper and paperboard.

According to an EPA report, durable goods alone generated a total of 51.5 million tons of weight in 2013, with recovery accounting for 18 percent of generation.

While this is close to the amount of nondurable goods generated in the same year, (51.60 million tons) the data still shows a large amount of waste for businesses to address.

There’s one more reason to choose Northern California used office furniture liquidators: the local advantage. In addition to handling furniture effectively, liquidators based near your office will have less distance to travel, consume less energy while doing so and contribute more to the immediate community. Right away, you can make a socially responsible decision.

Have a big move coming up? Don’t discard furniture you could be putting to better use.