Filling up a business’ workspace can be costly, but aspiring entrepreneurs can improve the bottom line with used office furnishings. Now that business furniture has been purchased, there are other rooms within the headquarters to consider like the bathroom or kitchen. Implementing green recycling solutions in these areas will decrease your company’s overall carbon footprint.

Two designers in Austria featured their environmentally-friendly cookhouse during this year’s Vienna Design Week.

Instead of going to the hardware store to buy new cabinets and countertops for the kitchen, Johanna Dehio and Dominik Hehl launched Construsine, a workshop meant to educate families and children how to build kitchen pieces with recycled or donated materials, according to Tree Hugger.

“Construsine is a public low-cost, consumption-conscious temporary initiative,” the designers’ website states. “All raw materials, both [cooking] ingredients and construction materials, [are] obtained through do-nations from local businesses.”

During the workshop, attendees are recommended to test the durability of their revamped work stations through prepping and cooking a meal. Dehio and Heh attempted to recreate the “collective barn raising” experience using products that can be found in a city.

This approach to educate onlookers and locals about reusing scrap pieces and raw materials was successful because young children and adults were able to participate in these activities.

How recycled products benefit your business

More people are becoming more aware of the amount of waste thrown into landfills. Businesses that want to support eco-friendly alternatives can begin such measures from the very start with remanufactured business furniture.

Sometimes it can be hard to follow through with such missions, but there’s a northern California used office furniture company that has extensive experience acquiring used office furniture and then preparing that same furniture so that it can be sold in very fine condition.