Do you maintain a sports culture in the office? This doesn’t just mean a workplace full of fans—it can extend to offices that include a television in a prominent place near the desks and workstations that gets extensive use when an event like the World Cup is in high gear.

Companies should think about the way they might be able to get the most out of their quality office furniture when workers are engaged with communal . USA Today recently reported that office workers are devoting significant time to watching the international games, time that might take them away from their work.
While the World Cup obviously has appeal to many workplaces around the globe, workers in American offices are showing enthusiasm thanks in large part to the performance of the U.S. team so far. The right work environment could be used to direct this energy into something constructive – acknowledging that employees want to and will very likely watch the games is just the first step.

The source offers encouragement in the form of comments from Nvidia’s Hector Martinez, who described the lure of the game and its effect on productivity in reassuring terms.

“The reality is this year’s World Cup is being streamed,” he said. “So people are going to have an eye on it. But people are pretty responsible in terms of productivity and getting their work done.”

The best answer to this situation is a furniture layout that encourages socializing without being too distracting from the work that employees have in front of them. Office furniture providers can help your company find that balance, especially if there’s a heated ongoing game. With the right office layout, working and watching the world cup can potentially happen together without sacrificing productivity in your work environment.