Amazon is setting an example for how businesses should approach heat conservation and environmental office solutions. According to a report from GeekWire, the online retail giant has plans to build a new “biodome” workspace in Seattle powered in part by heat from local data centers.

Though it’s far from the first business to explore this possibility, the source calls the plans “unusual.” Data centers are known to quickly generate excess heat when running, and the project will reportedly heat three blocks of buildings adjacent to Westlake Avenue in northern Seattle. The Westin Building Data Centers facility nearby will provide the energy.

The model has not officially been confirmed by Amazon, as the buildings are still in the planning stage. In addition, most of what we know about the biodomes so far comes from the artist’s pre-renderings the company submitted with its proposal.

However, GeekWire also spoke to Mike O’Brien of the Seattle City Council, who referenced the possible scope of the project.

“My understanding is the waste heat from this facility is significant enough to support more than just those three,” he said. “I see this project as a first step toward what I hope to be a district wide energy system, that we can build off this as a catalyst.”

This initiative follows in the wake of several “precedent buildings,” including the Mitchel Park Conservatory in Milwaukee, the Renzo Piano in Italy, and the Royal Greenhouses of Laeken in Belgium. The practice of using data centers for heat has been used in countries like France and Switzerland. Amazon is developing the centers with the help of the green-minded company Eco District.

Companies should consider the different creative ways to heat their buildings, especially when entering a new space.