Although we’re already some days into 2016, it’s still early enough for businesses to make important resolutions for the rest of the year. One way to commit to improved business is to set strong but feasible goals for a greener office, including purchasing different kinds of furniture made with reused materials. To make sure that you make an actual improvement, your company may need to put practices in place that go beyond just words.

Need help sticking to a genuine change in green office solutions? Here are three ideas to make meeting your goals a little bit easier. Customers and other companies may notice the difference between a lasting reuse strategy and an empty promise:

  • Know quality markings for different substances: Some materials can come with their own industry-specific certifications. Wood, for example can be approved by the Forest Stewardship Certification.
  • Pay attention to new developments: Have some substances been recently discovered to be less environmentally friendly than previously thought? New research can make what you thought to be a low-impact material to not be as recyclable as you’d prefer. Look into how difficult it is to repurpose a certain material before ordering furniture made with it.
  • Simplify: A Treehugger article recently affirmed the importance of keeping fewer possessions as well as making those possessions green. The same might apply to companies. In addition to purchasing sustainable items, you may also want to avoid buying more than you need.

Recycling used office furnishings is a noble goal, but businesses have to be ready to pursue it appropriately. Quality Office Liquidations can help your office make the strides it needs toward lasting change, not just in
halfhearted commitments.