Kitchens in the workplace are important for employee satisfaction, but they also need to be clean, well-organized and energy efficient, just like every other section of your office. This space requires quality office furniture that doesn’t create clutter and allows workers to eat and relax easily.

Here are three simple ways to manage your kitchen effectively by focusing on organization and proper planning:

  • Keep the refrigerator neat and clean: In a piece for the Boston Herald, consultant Judith Bowman describes the clutter that can easily accumulate in a shared fridge. Her solution is to appoint a fridge manager and make sure everyone in the office knows the rules. “As a workplace diner, you should be respectful of space and other people’s containers,” she says. “Seal, or better, leave home any foods with offensive or excessively strong odors.”
  • Be mindful of fire safety: Tables and chairs are a must in the break room, but don’t block the exits. While you should have a fire extinguisher in your office anyway, keep one in the kitchen, too, especially if you use toaster ovens and other heating devices.
  • Make a space for shared snacks: Don’t be selfish! Office kitchens can be a great place to share treats, whether it’s birthday cake, bagels or healthy alternatives to the office vending machine. As a Yahoo Health article points out, there are plenty of healthy foods that are a great fit for the workplace, and a table in the break room is the perfect place to feature them.
    Seek out a quality provider of new and used office furniture when it’s time to reassess the state of your kitchen or break room.