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What Does It Take to Make a ‘Biophilic’ Office?

In construction, "biophilia" refers to the way human beings respond positively to nature. It should go without saying that this can mesh well with green office solutions, as companies create spaces that feel organic and reduce environmental impact. Everyone wants to have a high-performing, happy workforce. But what does biophilia really [...]

2016-03-28T16:10:34+00:00March 28th, 2016|Green Office Solutions|Comments Off on What Does It Take to Make a ‘Biophilic’ Office?

The Platinum Difference: Why You Should Pursue The Highest LEED Rating

The LEED rating system offers four different certification levels, the highest of which is Platinum. To qualify for this standard, projects have to earn at least 80 points based on the various energy-related credits they work toward. The second highest level, Gold, requires between 60 and 79 points and still [...]

2016-03-18T15:59:50+00:00March 18th, 2016|Green Office Solutions|0 Comments

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