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USGBC Announces Future LEED Plans

With the LEED standard set to grow more widely recognized in the future, companies can take cues from international organizations for reuse. The recent COP21 conference in Paris has brought more attention to the hazards of climate change and the need to reduce emissions over the coming years. A study [...]

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Fight ‘Greenwashing’ With Reuse

Since sustainability has become such a desired trait, some companies have tried to cut corners and only seem like they are reducing carbon footprints and promoting better energy use. In reality, they may be making easy changes simply to get the credit without actually doing the work of true reuse. [...]

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How Entry Matting Makes A Difference For LEED

For a harmonized approach to green office solutions, companies can use LEED standards as their guide, following the codes for each section of the building. One part of LEED that your company may not have thought much about is the entry mat: it may be a relatively nondescript part of [...]

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Monterey County Improves Local Conference Center

In nearly two years, a renovation project for the Monterey Conference Center will reportedly conclude, leaving the building in a better position to host visitors. This construction work, which began last month, will also see the building reach LEED certification standards, as well as being ADA compliant for better access. [...]

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How New Technology Influences Office Design

Changes in technology and employment can have a direct impact on how a company designs its main office space. Businesses not only need to consider the new furniture options that technology makes possible, but the way managers have to anticipate device use with properly-sized desks and workstations. This, in turn, [...]

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LEED Shows Strength Among Major Businesses

Not only is LEED a means of preparing for green office solutions around the globe, major businesses are reaping the rewards of using this rating system. The United States Green Building Council (USGBC) recently noted that almost 90 percent of Fortune 100 companies are LEED compliant, and the different levels [...]

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3 Ways Reuse Can Cut Down On Office Waste

In an office, "reuse" can refer to a broad category of behaviors, not just simple recycling. By understanding the different ways that true reuse impact the workplace, businesses are in a better place to reap the benefits of a smaller carbon footprint while following government compliance guidelines. Repurposing used office [...]

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Can See-Through Office Furniture Make For Happier Workers?

Using locally sourced materials for office furniture may have a direct impact on employee morale if proper care is taken. Companies should embrace both the immediate satisfaction of knowing their employees are happy and the longer-term benefits they will receive from green office solutions. Using glass strategically in office furnishings [...]

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The EDGE Standard: What It Means For Buildings

This blog has discussed the benefits of following the LEED standard for a more environmentally-friendly office. Another system promoted by the United States Green Building Council is the EDGE standard, which is part of the United States Green Building Council's five-year forecast for future activity. As the USGBC mentioned this [...]

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