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California Makes Strides To Greener Future In 2015

According to an article from the United States Green Building Council, multiple initiatives in California have contributed to the path toward renewable energy in this state. The source lists various pieces of legislation and plans for the future that would all impact environmental stability, including better use of water and [...]

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Furniture Organization Hosts Survey On Circular Economy

The Furniture Industry Research Association (FIRA), a UK-based international group, is taking steps to support what it calls a circular economy. This term refers to a closed loop through which raw materials could be consistently processed into reusable furniture, which would later be recycled to prevent waste. To determine how [...]

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QOL appears at Lodi Street Faire

As part of its commitment to supporting local communities, Quality Office Liquidations proudly takes part in major events. Sunday October 4 saw the arrival of the Lodi Street Faire, an event that happens twice a year and brings hundreds of California vendors together. To have obtained a booth at this [...]

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WalletHub lists 2015’s Greenest Cities in America

Using information from several government sources, WalletHub recently compiled a ranking of the 100 cities in the United States that rank as the most "green." In addition to providing a general total score, each of the analyzed cities were also compared in terms of their environmental quality and "greenness" of [...]

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Time Is Of The Essence During Liquidation

Used office furniture liquidation plans can run on a tight schedule. If companies can't trust liquidators to meet deadlines, the results could be costly and inconvenient. That's part of the reason local experts make a great choice for offices of any size, because they respect the company's needs and will [...]

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