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New ‘Materials Marketplace’ Promotes Greener Practices

Companies that make a greater effort to reuse materials can put their carbon footprint in the spotlight while also thinking about the future of their office development. The United States Business Council for Sustainable Development (USBCSD), in association with major corporations like Nike and General Motors, has taken part in [...]

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Energy Efficiency Could Be Best For Future Of Buildings

Businesses should consider the importance of environmental office solutions not just because of the positive impact on their own workspace, but because of the more far-reaching effects and benefits. In a recent article for IESVE.com, Dr. Don McLean outlined multiple advantages of using green products in buildings, including flexible design, [...]

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New Ranking Places Countries On LEED Scale

Countries around the world have the chance to compare their LEED certification accomplishments against each other with the release of a new ranking. The United States Green Building Council (USGBC) announced the rank in a press release through its website, and the information has been cited by various news sources [...]

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Thousands Of Feet Of LEED Building Space Dedicated In California

This blog has spotlighted the ways that California has tried to improve green building standards in recent years, especially through LEED-approved projects. Quality Office Liquidations endorses efforts to obtain and further promote LEED standards, and offers services to help companies reach higher levels of certification by fulfilling reuse credits when [...]

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Stay Aware Of Your Surroundings With Environmental Cubicles

While every office is different, managers need to plan for possible environmental risks that could come with a typical cubicle-based environment. Customizing the furniture and workstation walls used for these settings may allow an office to focus on creating a better workspace that feels fresh and welcoming for all workers, [...]

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California Granted New LEED Documentation Option

California businesses that want to take strides towards LEED approval and compliance have more resources at their disposal with the announcement of a new documentation process alternative. Late last month, the United States Green Building Council {USGBC} announced the new documentation path, which works in accordance with CALGreen, the standards [...]

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