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Green Innovation Index Compares California To Countries

The organization Next Ten recently released their 2015 California Green Innovation Index, which compares the state of California to, among other things, the energy efficiency and emissions rate of countries around the world. On an international scale, the state ranks second-lowest in terms of carbon intensity and obtained nearly a [...]

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Reuse Materials When Creating New Office Sections

This blog has written previously about how some executives prefer working out of a cubicle near the rest of their employees rather than in an office. The Wall Street Journal reported on a different tactic taken by Grey Global Group, an advertising firm in New York City, that places new [...]

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Can LEED And WELL Overlap?

We have previously emphasized the importance of LEED certification on this blog, as well as the ways that furniture may contribute to materials reuse. The United States Green Building Council (USGBC) website recently profiled the international WELL building standard, which focuses on the wellbeing of building occupants by increasing "mindfulness." [...]

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Convert To An Executive Cubicle Through Reuse

The Kansas City Star recently reported on the decision by Sprint's executive team to embrace a cubicle in an open office rather than a private executive suite. According to this source, 100 employees, many of them in head positions for different departments, decided to move out of their separate offices [...]

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Furniture Manufacturers Association Updates Sustainability Standards

Last July, the Business and Institutional Furniture Manufacturers Association (BIFMA) announced that it was updating its sustainability standards for office furniture. In addition to an increased focus on user issues, these standards were also changed to emphasize sustainable principles and the impact of furniture products on the environment. Using these [...]

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California Pursues 100 Percent Renewable Energy

Working with office furniture liquidators in Northern CA could help your company reduce its carbon footprint and energy spend. An article in Bloomberg Businessweek recently quoted Michael Picker of the California Public Utilities Commission, who said that it would be possible for the state to eventually harvest 100 percent of [...]

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Local Production Factors Into Reuse

Quality Office Liquidations knows the specific differences between buying pre-owned used office furniture and getting materials reuse credits for it. For furniture to qualify as part of an LEED rating, businesses need to be sure it meets the proper criteria and is making a notable impact on their office and [...]

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Liquidate Chairs When Building An Active Office

If your business is ready to radically change the office layout, you'll need help removing your previous furniture. The "standing office" can create a healthier and more active work environment, with more movement and less sitting. To make room for standing desks and other furniture, businesses can hire office furniture [...]

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