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California College Dorm Earns Gold Certification

The University of California, Riverside, announced on April 23 that it has achieved LEED Gold Certification for an on-campus housing project, as an article from UCR Today notes. The first phase of the housing area, Glen Mor, reached Gold certification this past December and started accepting residents seven years [...]

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What Kinds Of Offices Can Benefit From Liquidation?

While office furniture liquidations are adaptable to any setting, here are some examples of specific institutions and how our services work for them. Quality Office Liquidations Inc. has helped many different types of organizations, which is part of how we have learned to provide liquidations that match specific requests. Our [...]

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Save Money With Reuse And Sustainability In The Office

If your business has yet to try environmental office solutions they may seem like an expensive undertaking. However, there are simple ways to reduce a company's carbon footprint that save money and are locally conscious: the idea that being "sustainable" equals more expense is misleading. Equating the two could keep [...]

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California Boasts Philanthropy-Friendly Environment

By giving to important local organizations, we at Quality Office Liquidations take it upon ourselves to help improve our community directly. While we are proud to be the leading office furniture liquidators in Northern CA, the state as a whole offers multiple opportunities for organizations that want to focus on [...]

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KQED Redoes Office With Pre-Owned Workstations

After 18 years at the same location, KQED Public Television wanted to update their San Francisco facility with a more contemporary space and furniture solution. Being a public entity funded through donations, they had sensitivities regarding budget and environmental issues. They wanted to create an innovative environment that provided good [...]

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QOL Coordinates Liquidation For BlueShield San Francisco

Quality Office Liquidations, Inc., recently helped BlueShield San Francisco successfully move out of its Bush Street headquarters and into a new, consolidated office. Doing so required a strategy to help remove all of the furniture left behind and find a home for it in conjunction with the move dates. With [...]

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Green California Summit And Expo Launches Ninth Event In Sacramento

Quality Office Liquidations Inc. President Bill Leach was among those attending the ninth and most recent Green California Summit and Expo in Sacramento, California. This event brings individuals from various industries together to learn about green initiatives and witness exhibitions in the current push toward environmentally-friendly technology and performance. Kevin [...]

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Major Fortune 200 Companies Interested In LEED, Say USGBC

Sustainability concerns aren't just for smaller businesses, as the results of a survey from the United States Green Building Council (USGBC) show. The organization surveyed 48 Fortune 200 companies to assess interest in the LEED program, which impacts building construction and use around the world. Many respondents expressed positive feelings [...]

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How Will Your Business Celebrate Earth Day?

Earth Day is a fitting time for office managers to think about "going green." In the days leading up to this environmental holiday, there are several ways to prepare and get everyone who works at the office to start thinking about their carbon footprint more seriously. In a press release [...]

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The Advantage Of Professionally-Sourced Reused Furniture

It helps companies to know the facts about material reuse and how it will benefit them in the long-run. Increasing the amount of thoughtful reuse in a workplace is about more than just recycling: it means guaranteeing that chairs and other items were created with a certain percentage of remanufactured [...]

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