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Plastic May Make A Strong Recycled Material For Furniture

Keep an open mind when it comes to the types of office furniture that can be easily recycled and repurposed for your office. Our website lists some of the product lines and types of goods that we sell to maintain a greener workspace for you to plan around. What's important [...]

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LED Lighting Leads To Energy Savings In Different Settings

LED lights help save money through energy efficiency. As part of a comprehensive plan of green office solutions, these lighting fixtures could help your office make significant strides to creating a building with a smaller environmental impact. CapeNews.net reports on the energy savings that LED street​ lamps brought to the [...]

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Harvard University Makes Effort To Go ‘Greener’

For businesses with a large campus and several buildings to monitor, pursuing environmental office solutions means consistently tackling problems across all locations. Harvard University is investing in saving energy, and the effort extends to multiple structures under the institution's umbrella. According to the Harvard Gazette, its green program applies to [...]

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Site-Specific Energy Solutions Help Save Money And Power

In the middle of winter, many offices face the challenge of keeping their employees comfortable while also getting the most out of their heating system. Understanding these challenges can help your business save money and stay warm at the same time. A piece for the Quad-City Times recently looked at [...]

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How can recycled furniture help a project obtain LEED certification?

As the United States Green Building Council (USGBC) website notes, there are four levels of LEED certification for green-friendly buildings: Certified, Silver, Gold and Platinum. For a project to be successfully certified, it needs to be registered and reviewed through the LEED online process. The certification level obtained depends [...]

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California Among Top Ten States For LEED Certification In 2014

The United States Green Building Council (USGBC) has released its list of the top ten states based on their LEED status within 2014. Using the number of certified projects in each state along with the total square feet and per-capita square footage that fell under LEED categorization, the compiled figures [...]

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Google To Power Office With Newly-Purchased Windfarm

Smaller companies around the country can follow in the steps of larger ones when implementing alternative power policies. Google, which has recently signed an agreement to offset its energy expenses through the help of a windfarm in Altamount Pass, California, could be setting a precedent for the use of alternative [...]

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Reduce Office Furniture Waste With Quality Liquidation!

Buying new office furniture or throwing old pieces away can be wasteful when there are perfectly good used items out there to suit your business' needs. Being aware of available options is important for companies seeking quality furniture and can eventually help to reduce waste generated over a long [...]

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Set Up Office Recycling Bins For Maximum Effectiveness

Putting recycling bins in the office is a good first step towards reducing a company's carbon footprint, but they can only be effective if employees use them regularly. To increase success, workers need to understand where to dispose of different items. In New Zealand, Method Recycling, the couple-run company [...]

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Are You Aware Of Green Business Programs In Your Area?

It can be tough to transition to a greener workplace without the proper motivation, which is why businesses should pay attention to the different programs that can help them. Researching government incentives gives businesses a better idea of what they should focus on to keep their carbon footprint small. [...]

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