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New Standing Desk Model Coming From IKEA

The standing desk has been an alternative to the traditional seated arrangement for some time now, as more consumers have become aware of the advantages of standing up to work. Now, furniture giant IKEA is getting into the mix with a new model designed to capitalize on this trend. [...]

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Report: Keep Things Natural For A More Productive Office

There are many ways to make your office feel more earthy and comfortable, whether you arrange plants around the space or create a clear view of the outdoors. Whatever approach your company takes to environmental office solutions, a recent report from flooring company Interface examined the way workers in different [...]

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Win A Free Aeron Chair Through Us By Tweeting!

Interested in an ergonomic office chair that will give workers support and still be affordable? Look no further than the Herman Miller Aeron chair. There's more to this comfortable piece of furniture than meets the eye: It's designed to be good for the spine, stylish and almost 100 percent green. We offer [...]

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Test Out An Open Office Layout Before Converting

Writing for Real Estate Weekly, Richard Hayes recently pondered the pros and cons of "downsizing" an open office to a smaller size. While keeping everyone in a single room poses undeniable challenges, it reportedly leads to more than $2 million in savings during one year alone for Class A workspace. [...]

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The Most Important Qualities Of A Supportive Office Chair

What aspects of a used office chair should you consider when shopping for workplace furnishings? You may have heard of the term "ergonomic," but without a firm understanding of what this means, you risk investing in a chair that won't offer your workers any spinal support. There are so many [...]

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Sitting? Standing? Why Not Do Both At Your Desk?

Many are rightly concerned with the long-term effects of sitting at the workplace: Medical studies from multiple sources have asserted that this is unhealthy over the long term. However, the most obvious alternative, a standing desk that eliminates the chair altogether, isn't necessarily better and comes with its own [...]

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Green Offices Can Bring Better Business Results

The environmental benefits of adopting green office solutions are evident, but many business managers still feel like sustainability is an expensive investment that has to be made in spite of, and not because of, its effect on the bottom line. This is not necessarily the case, however, as there are [...]

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Choosing Office Furnishings That Promote Exercise

Working out in the office sounds harder to implement than it really is. All offices really need is the time, space and willingness to get a group exercise session going. Since many workers are conscious of maintaining activity throughout the day anyway, managers should consider creating a formal exercise option. [...]

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Will The Apple Watch Change Energy Use In The Office?

With devices getting "smarter" all the time, companies have more options for tracking and monitoring energy use. An article for GreenBiz by Titiaan Palazzi and Matthew Crosby recently looked at the ramifications of one piece of much-talked about tech: the Apple Watch. Long anticipated and discussed, this device was announced [...]

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Don’t Forget To Turn Your Lights Off To Save Electricity

One of the simplest ways to reduce energy consumption in any building is to turn the lights off when they're not needed. While this is easy enough to do at home, it's a little trickier to manage in the workplace, where there are more people present and many light fixtures [...]

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