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Keep Workstations And Desks Clean And Safe From Germs

Office surfaces that see a lot of contact throughout the day quickly build up dirt and bacteria if not regularly cleaned. Messy, unclean surfaces are prime spots for dangerous bugs to breed. But careful planning goes a long way in helping workers safeguard their health. Slate recently reported on a [...]

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NYC Mayor Outlines New Green Building Plan For Area Businesses

The New York Times has reported on an important move toward green energy recently introduced by New York City's mayor Bill de Blasio. According to the source, the mayor is encouraging green office solutions in the area to reduce the city's carbon footprint. The announcement came as part of a [...]

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‘Vanishing Desks’ Let Workers Make Creative Use Of Office Space

Is your office furniture easy to move? It's worth considering, because desks that can be shifted around free up the work space for other possible uses. One company has taken this idea even further by designing a space with desks that "vanish" at a moment's notice. Fast Company recently profiled [...]

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‘Green Globes’ An Alternative For Environmental Office Plans

While we've written before about LEED certification, businesses have another set of standards to use as a guideline for green office solutions. It's called Green Globes and it offers an alternative for companies that want to be more environmentally friendly but can't afford to seek LEED compliance. This initiative, [...]

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Tips For Holding A More Memorable Meeting

Because meetings are so common, executives and managers are under pressure to make them memorable. Even in small spaces, there are tricks that will help important gatherings be meaningful and productive instead of drawn-out and boring. By making relatively small adjustments to the decor, leaders can help the time pass [...]

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Amazon Will Use Heat From Data Centers To Warm New Biodome Offices

Amazon is setting an example for how businesses should approach heat conservation and environmental office solutions. According to a report from GeekWire, the online retail giant has plans to build a new "biodome" workspace in Seattle powered in part by heat from local data centers. Though it's far from the [...]

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‘Action Offices’ Balance Work And Play For Major Companies

Thinking of switching your office layout for something new? You're not alone: According to the Harvard Business Review, organizations like Facebook and Samsung are turning away from both the traditional "cubicle farm" office and the standard "open office" plan to come up with their own, custom workplace environments. Different arrangements [...]

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Change Your Office Layout To Discourage Thieves

The San Francisco Chronicle recently profiled a problem that area startups are facing: office thieves. A pair of companies in San Francisco, BuildZoom and Demand Local, have both been targeted by burglars, who broke into their headquarters and plundered their "open offices." Could the layout have helped these criminals [...]

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Can Office Furniture Help Cut Down Distractions?

It's human nature to get distracted at work, but over time, hours wasted on trivial things lead to a loss of productivity. How can office furniture help keep employees focused? Business Insider recently posted an infographic from the app Weekdone that listed some of the major problems that send workers [...]

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Reduce Air Conditioning Energy Use With These Simple Tips

Some older offices come with air conditioning systems that have seen extended use and aren't as efficient as newer models. Those workplaces have to use these devices to cool things down without wasting power or running up the electricity bill. Manufacturers are reportedly investing in ways to make air conditioners [...]

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