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New San Francisco Office Focuses On Green Practices

Managing a "green" office successfully sends a message to the local business community and sets a powerful precedent. CBS San Francisco recently reported on an office building at 270 Brannan Street that will allow for more efficient parking for bikes and cars as well as sustainable energy use policies. It's [...]

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Creating A Recycling-Friendly Office From Scratch

Not all offices are equally prepared to improve their recycling activity, and some won't have a program in place at all. There's an obvious challenge in starting a recycling initiative from scratch, but it can be done if office managers "plant the seeds" early and pick a green office [...]

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3 Easy Efficiency Rules For The Office Kitchen

Kitchens in the workplace are important for employee satisfaction, but they also need to be clean, well-organized and energy efficient, just like every other section of your office. This space requires quality office furniture that doesn't create clutter and allows workers to eat and relax easily. Here are three simple [...]

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Study: Lighting In The Office Affects Mood

The amount of light that enters an office affects everyone, usually without them knowing.. One joint study from Northwestern Medicine and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign shows that lighting even has an impact on the amount of sleep that workers get later on in the day. A press release [...]

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LEED Certification Increases The Value Of Your Workspace

The energy benefits of working in a LEED-certified building are obvious, but there are also tangible financial perks as well. An article in the Houston Business Journal recently reported on the value of LEED properties in the local metro area and how this classification affects them. This starts with the [...]

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Boost Energy Efficiency And Productivity At The Same Time

Your business doesn't have to choose between being green and being productive if you make the right layout and design decisions early on. Quality office furniture can contribute to the comfort level of your office, keep employees on task and also work as a recycling initiative. Tackling all of these [...]

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Pick Office Desks That Work With Your Choice In Computers

In previous years, offices were tied to desktop computers that were large and clunky, and this dictated where employees could place the towers and monitors that accompanied them. The desktop isn't completely gone, but there are now other options available, and new desks might fit the technology your company uses [...]

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Create A Healthy And Productive Office

Sitting for long periods of time can be exhausting, and ultimately lead to sluggishness or a lack of productivity in your workers. However, many jobs require a high degree of computer use. Managers can, though, get employees moving in a way that won't be too distracting from their jobs – [...]

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Start A Better Recycling Program In Your Office

What kind of recycling program do you have established in your office? Different areas have their own standards when it comes to recycling: some places will have a highly sophisticated sorting system while others won't really enforce separating the garbage into various components. Even if you already tout the importance [...]

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Working With an Energy Conscious Building

Many companies face strict budgets when choosing an office space and find themselves stuck in a building that lacks progressive environmental policies. Only a lucky few land in a brand-new building that are designed to be green. However, environmental office solutions are important regardless of circumstances and involve several steps [...]

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