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Great Minds Need A Great Office To Go With Them

While many people like to be organized, is there some truth to the old image of the "genius" who has his or her personal space cluttered with notes and equipment? Your company can counter this stereotype with quality office furniture which can lead to better performance without ignoring employees' personalities. [...]

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Races: A Surprising Use for Office Chairs

Sometimes a used office chair can be valuable for more than just the support it grants your workers while sitting: It can be used for fun as well. That's the sort of creativity that you can dream up when the furniture around you is of high quality. A recent example [...]

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New Zealand Office Ditches Chairs For Increased Productivity

The use of standing desks and other unconventional office furniture seems to be catching on in offices around the world. Whether your office is planning on following suit or changing something relatively minor, such changes can greatly affect your business's everyday environment. An article for CIO gives us one example, [...]

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Employees Should Be Comfortable In The Office

When your employees are in the office, they need to find the right balance between relaxed and focused for maximum productivity. No one wants to be completely out of it, but on the other hand, is the opposite approach, with a work force hunched over their keyboards and straining themselves [...]

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Get A Desk That’s A Fit, Not A Mismatch

When it's time to source new office desks, the company with the greatest selection will be the most valuable to you. Why? Because from their long list of items, you can choose which pieces work for you, and which don't. There's more than just productivity on the line when [...]

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There May Be Good Reasons to Eat Away From The Desk

At many offices, the pace of the average workday makes it difficult for employees to even think of getting up from their work for a moment, nevermind eating lunch. When your business is choosing which used office workstations to purchase, you might consider whether or not the occupants will be [...]

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Cubicles Might Come Back Into Style

Filling offices with the right furniture is a matter of both style and function. Managers need to make sure that employees can get their work done, but also that everything fits with what the company hopes to say about itself and its general image. And the prevailing styles change, as [...]

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Discount Providers Help Companies Stay Within Office Furniture Budget

Your organization may only have a limited amount of money for capital expenditures, which is why used office furniture might be a particularly attractive prospect. If you can cut costs with one department, you create the opportunity to maintain quality while preserving funds for other priorities. On the other hand, [...]

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As the World Cup plays on, are office workers paying too much attention?

Do you maintain a sports culture in the office? This doesn't just mean a workplace full of fans—it can extend to offices that include a television in a prominent place near the desks and workstations that gets extensive use when an event like the World Cup is in high gear. [...]

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