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Does Your Desk Setup Lend Itself To Hacking?

The way your company arranges its office furniture, can contribute to the security that individual workers experience. Because simple items like desk phones can be subject to hacking and other kinds of interference, your company should consider furniture that makes it easy for the employee to get to their equipment, [...]

2014-06-30T13:03:04+00:00June 30th, 2014|General|0 Comments

Do open offices encourage oversharing?

A lack of cubicle walls in an office can potentially create a lack of social boundaries. It might not be immediately clear, but with an open office layout your employees may lose some of the focus that comes with more private workspaces. In an article for The Wall Street Journal [...]

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Open Office, Noisy Office: Seeing And Hearing Each Other Can Cause Distractions

There are many advantages to arranging your office so that your employees are all in the same room. However, some negative factors also come with this setup, which were described in a study recently cited by Entrepreneur. These factors were described in a study recently cited by Entrepreneur. The study [...]

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Why Going Paperless Isn’t Enough

Businesses are implementing more green recycling initiatives, often including plans to become a paperless office. This move can be extremely helpful to an organization. Instead of purchasing boxes of paper and expensive inks for printers, files can be shared via email, secure network or cloud services. This alternative allows [...]

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Implementing your own version of ‘Green Office Week’

While environmentally friendly business practices can be celebrated year round, the United Kingdom has an official seven-day period set aside to promote green thinking and behavior. . Even if it isn't an official "holiday" where you operate your company, your business can apply a similar structure to finding green office [...]

2014-06-17T12:33:32+00:00June 17th, 2014|Green Office Solutions|0 Comments

Ill-fitting Furniture Can Be Bad News For Your Company

It's not enough to find a source of new office chairs: your business will need other pieces of furniture that are comfortable, functional and fit into your work environment as well. And, as The Wall Street Journal recently reported, your employees' height can be a particularly difficult factor when [...]

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Working Around the Trap of Stereotypical Cubicle Culture

The image of the office choked with cubicles and employees boxed in and walled off has been around for so long that your company may have considered trying something different. However, "cube culture" is misunderstood. When contemplating your company's office consider this –  perhaps it isn't necessary to rip down [...]

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Yoga In The Office Chair: Provide Space for Worker Recreation During the Day

Employee wellness programs are becoming increasingly popular in offices across the country and take many forms, whether it's providing fruit and healthy snacks to workers, subsidizing gym memberships, or arranging weekly massage hours. But have you ever considered hosting a yoga class in your office? In a recent article for [...]

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Keeping Your Office Clean With Quality Furniture

While clutter is a natural by-product of a crowded and high-speed office environment, it's important to try and mitigate this as much as possible. Strategically placed, carefully chosen office furniture can make it easier to keep things clean. This is more than just an aesthetic concern: Australian news source the [...]

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What To Consider Before Implementing Sustainable Design

In the architecture and construction industry, leaders are stressing the importance of sustainable design, citing LEED or IFLI's Living Communities certification initiatives to begin planning such a project. Even though the number of LEED-certified buildings continues to grow, it isn't enough to restore aging structures and reduce the reliance on [...]

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