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Three Reasons Why Businesses Are Implementing ‘Smart’ Design

In the past, businesses that decided to implement an open-floor plan called it such. Nowadays, the concept of an open-floor plan is being readjusted to be a "smart" commercial space, one that uses social spaces, unassigned desks and soundproof glass offices, Comstock Magazine explained. The shift toward a less traditional [...]

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Why Office Design Begins With Employees

Companies are increasingly adoption open-floor office plans as a means of catering to Millennials. The days of cubicles are on their way out. Now, more employees are able to see one another just by looking up, instead of walking around semi-private work stations. We have talked about the advantages of [...]

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Five Ways Office Design Can Help You Relax

Every day, millions of people leave their homes and head to work. Depending on their line of work, the day can quickly become overwhelming. While it is important to get the job done, it is equally valuable to take time to de-stress and start again. Some offices may not [...]

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Why Law Firms Should Consider Updating Their Offices

Whenever any law firm signs a lease for an office, they are typically in a 10-year agreement, according to the Tampa Bay Business Journal. During this time period, an array of things can change, including the staff, the technology, and how employees complete daily tasks. The design of many [...]

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How Offices Can ‘Spring Forward’ With Business Furniture

Now that the winter is over, it is time to get into the spring spirit. Your company's employees will be looking forward to attending local festivities, carnivals, and baseball games, so why not bring that type of energy to the office? This is not to say that companies need [...]

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Report: ‘Baby Boomers’ Want A Similar Office To Their Millennial Counterparts

Whenever a business brings up implementing an open-floor office, some employees may assume that this decision is intended to appease younger workers. In a world where more employees are expected to approach retirement within the next 10 to 15 years, does the open floor plan really push the "Baby Boomers" [...]

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Minnesota governor candidates debate Senate building

Whenever an organization is in need of more office space, there are a multitude of options to consider. Some retrofit a building that was previously occupied, lease additional floors in another commercial space or create its own workplace. Last year, Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton approved to build a new building [...]

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How To Get Cool ‘Startup’ Inspired Designs On A Budget

While we've discussed the value of both traditional and modern floor plans, businesses today are increasingly choosing the latter: the "startup" environment has proven quite popular. When adjusting to a more fluid work culture, it is always important to ask what your staff is looking for in the ideal office. [...]

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Chicago Public Schools District Asks To Double Business Furniture Budget

The Chicago Public Schools (CPS) district has been downsizing for quite some time to save resources, but the administration is asking the Board of Education for a costly request: increase the furniture budget from $4.5 million to $9.5 million, the Chicago Sun Times reported. Chicago is the third-largest school district [...]

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