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Why Businesses Should Consider The ‘Science’ Of Design

We have talked about how the design of an office can change how an organization operates, but what is the science behind these conclusions? Some adjustments, like the amount of light or noise in a room, may evoke a subconscious response, such as putting on headphones. Believe it or not, [...]

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How A Tattoo Artist Gave Satellite Dishes A New Purpose

Before the days of digital television and online streaming, many Americans' only option to receive premium TV packages viewing involved subscribing to satellite dish services. Now that the options for receiving premium television access have increased, many of these metal structures have become friends with their local landfill. Tom Cross, [...]

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California Residents: Limit Recycling Loads Or Get Fined $1,000

In California, residents who take the initiative to recycle their cans, bottles and plastics have the opportunity to receive a five- to 10-cent refund for their deposit, but new laws are limiting the number of items that can be salvaged for the redemption value. The new law was implemented on [...]

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Vineyards In Sonoma County Hope To Become 100 Percent Sustainable

Efforts to become more sustainable are happening in California, but the weather poses its own problems: 2013 was one of the driest years the state experienced in centuries. Record-breaking warm days and wildfires drained water supplies throughout the Golden State, and now farmers are concerned as to whether they will [...]

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Milwaukee Repurposes Cheese Brine To Melt Ice On Roadways

In Wisconsin, cheese is a local treasure. Residents embrace cheese-shaped hats for the Green Bay Packers and the state made over 2 billion pounds of cheese in 2013. Time and again, many of these cheese suppliers will have to haul hundreds of pounds of cheese brine, which is a salt-water [...]

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Bay Area Car-Sharing Program Will Include Electric Bicycles

The Bay Area continues to find ways to reduce its carbon footprint, but City CarShare is going to push the envelope further by adding electric bicycles to its car-sharing program. Portland's steps to offer parking spaces in the Lloyd District came after the city's transportation department "cycle zone analysis" showed [...]

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Installation Of Vertical Forests Is Happening In Milan

Last year, we talked about the design of Stefano Boeri's vision of a "bosco verticale." The design for this building calls for installing forests on and throughout a skyscraper. Despite the unique challenges of this ambitious objective, his plan is actually becoming a reality. "You can begin to imagine relaxing [...]

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Lloyd District in Portland Plans To Have 1,200 Bicycle Parking Spaces

Bicycles are making a comeback, and efforts go beyond bicycle lanes and bike-sharing programs in San Francisco and other metropolitan areas in the United States. In Portland, Oregon, the city is working on creating parking spaces for over 1,200 bikes, which would make it the largest space for this mode [...]

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Phoenix’s Green Recycling Solution To Older Buildings

Buildings come in many shapes and sizes. Ranging from skyscrapers, plazas, and historical landmarks, they play a significant role in a city's culture and history. In Phoenix, Arizona, residents are committed to repurposing the buildings that are already a part of the skyline. Through an "adaptive-reuse program," architects and business [...]

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Why Businesses Should Consider Risks Around ‘E-waste’

Electronics may not play a large role in every business but with onset of tablets, wearable technology, and other gadgets technology is here to stay because these gadgets simplify many work-related tasks. Popular use of these items and other products has led to growth of e-waste, which stands for "electronic [...]

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