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How Workers Stay Productive In An Open-Floor Office Layout

Businesses in the Bay Area and around the world are beginning to make the switch toward open-floor office plans, but these collaborative environments also have their disadvantages. Due to a lack of walls, colleagues are more susceptible to hearing one another's conversations. However, it is possible to maintain a healthy [...]

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Cost-Effective Tweaks To Create A More Productive Office

Designing an office that fits the needs of a company can come with a high cost, which is why it is important to ask your staff what tools or business furniture they need to ensure they are comfortable enough to get through the work day. While some requests, like [...]

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Report: Cost Continues To Play Major Factor in Sustainability Efforts

More than ever, businesses are becoming more conscious about their processes and are trying to implement environmentally friendly initiatives to cut down on excess use and waste. However, due to the cost of many of these projects, professionals who are focused on sustainability feel an "unprecedented pressure" to continue such [...]

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How Orange County’s Purification System Paved The Way To Recycle Water

California may border the Pacific Ocean, but drinking saltwater can cause more harm than good. In the quest for attaining drinking water, desalination is a process that has been discussed, but has proven to be extremely expensive. To reduce the demand of water in this highly-populated state, the Orange County [...]

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How Airbnb Used Its Office To Reinforce The Company’s Product

Companies in the Bay Area like Facebook and Square are designing eco-friendly offices, but how does this correlate to their overall brand? At Airbnb, the company's two-floor headquarters pays its respects to a collection of its earliest clients: each room largely resembles an apartment or home that was available for [...]

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How Hardwood Floors Serves As An Environmental Office Solution

Whenever an emerging business is designing its home office, there are many questions to consider. Ranging from the layout of workstations to the color scheme of the space, the answers to any of the questions can influence how operations will run for the next few years. One aspect of headquarters [...]

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How A Day Spa Can Be Eco-Friendly

Going to the spa is a luxury in itself. Customers commit to taking a break from reality and trek to these businesses to be pampered. Despite its appeal to wellness, it is a $180 billion industry that serves as an indoor amusement park, Atlantic Cities contributor Bonnie Tsui explains. "Your [...]

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Walgreens Opens First Net-Zero Energy Location

Whenever a business opens another location, it has to consider the environmental advantages and problems involved with doing so. For one, adding another branch means there is less green space to absorb carbon dioxide, but at Walgreens, company leaders are working on decreasing its carbon footprint while also expanding. The [...]

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National Resources Defense Council Headquarters Achieves Two Green Recycling Certifications

Designing an environmentally conscious office can be such a large project that companies in the Bay Area and around the world just end up building a brand-new facility. Retrofitting and renovations can drain enough precious time and and money that businesses choose to design their project from scratch. However, the [...]

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Green Office Solutions At UC Davis’ West Village May Emit Zero Net-Energy

Businesses that wish to operate in California may have to reduce the amount of waste they emit by 30 percent, but the University of California Davis may be way ahead of the game. "The West Village is what a sustainable energy future looks like for California and the rest [...]

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