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Bicycle Is Reinvented With Green Recycling In Mind

Throughout the United States, more cities are providing increased bicycle services. Whether it be a bike-sharing or rental system, these options have gained traction among those who want to get around without driving a car or taking public transportation. It's good for the environment and a great form of exercise, [...]

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How Businesses Can Have An Environmentally Friendly Floor

When Frederick Walton invented linoleum in 1863, it was meant to serve as a low-maintenance floor material made of natural substances. Walton may not have realized that this product was going to be as environmentally friendly as it is, even though linseed oil is one of its essential ingredients. Often [...]

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How A Designer Repurposed Plastic Bottle Caps

Plastic products have largely contributed to a share of pollution because about half of the world's manufactured plastics end up in landfills or oceans, according to 5 Gyres, a non-profit organization dedicated to reducing plastic pollution. Plastic bottles for example, have made it more difficult to effectively recycle because most [...]

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Austrian Designers Launch Green Recycling Workshop

Filling up a business' workspace can be costly, but aspiring entrepreneurs can improve the bottom line with used office furnishings. Now that business furniture has been purchased, there are other rooms within the headquarters to consider like the bathroom or kitchen. Implementing green recycling solutions in these areas will decrease [...]

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How A Church Became An Environmentally Friendly Space

Businesses may come and go, but the buildings that house these small to large organizations do not go with them. While some aspiring startups and companies may want to build an office customized to their brand's vision, it is not always necessary. Repurposing existing spaces to fit the needs of [...]

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Carbon Emissions In U.S. Declines For Fifth Consecutive Year

Americans alone account for a large share of pollution and damage to the planet. But since carbon dioxide emissions peaked at over 6 billion metric tons in 2007, the nation has consistently lowered its emissions despite growing economically, according to Time Magazine. The U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) released its [...]

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